From Hype to Ripe

About 10 or so years ago when we founded the NZ Wireless Forum, Ericsson had a wonderful video of a guy and his son walking through a huge sunflower plantation somewhere in Britain. The boy bent down to the ground, seeing something metal glinting through the sand and picked up a Roman coin.

His dad grabbed out his Ericsson SmartPhone and scanned the coin by holding it against the screen and within a few seconds a Wiki result came back with the age and denomination of the coin and the era when it was minted. Who the Emporer was etc. This was an example of the future from Ericsson.

Well it has been a bit of a wait as everything we predicted has been, although if you consider the pace of change in the last 30 years, it hasn’t been that long, I mean Virgin Galactic really existists now! So while I was catching up on my analogue reading I discovered that at Ceatac in Tokyo (their version of CES which I haven’t been to for about 8 years:( ) Sharp showed a prototype of a device with a screen that integrates an optical scanner pixel mounted alongside each LCD pixel and they are working towards commercialisation later this year!

This is a huge leap forward and really exciting when you consider the implications for things like workforce automation, onsite collaboration, health and education to name a few. Just another example of concept becoming reality.

I’m not a Trekkie, but have you noticed how much of the technology we saw on early Star Trek shows, that we now take for granted and at that time most people just saw as figments of an overactive imagination?

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