MicroYahoo vs Google 2014

Isn’t it funny how cyclic things are? Back in 2008 after Microsoft bought Yahoo they decided to follow in Google’s footsteps and offer a cut down version of Microsoft Office for free online. Along with the free software came Microsoft Pluswords and CPC advertising attached to all documents.

After getting a little traction, they decided to follow in Google’s footsteps and offer their entire suite of software for free online, but in order to keep revenue’s going the advertising became even more pervasive and almost every email or document ended up with multimedia advertising attached to it.

Eventually Microsoft Office Online was merged with Facebook so that all the Office applications became widgets and people never had to leave Facebook for anything other than to go to the door to get the home delivery food that was waiting there.
After the big www hub crash of 2011 which closed down the world as we know it for 2 weeks and no one could access their documents, email or any of their other data which was all stored on Microsoft’s servers people’s attitudes began to change, but Microsoft no longer had it’s distribution network for software and media DVD’s and the shops themselves that used to retail it were no more.

Then Google had a great idea. They started marketing Box Sets of Google Office, through their newly purchased GoogleAmazon, that you can use on a computer that isn’t even connected to the Wi-Net.  Now people could function without having to go online. Their computers didn’t have much in the way of storage because MicroYahoo had convinced them they didn’t need it any more, but that wasn’t a problem because memory cards for digital cameras now started at 512GB and the computers still had Supra Card Memory Slots.People were more than happy to pay a hefty premium for email and documents that didn’t contain advertising.

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