Firefox 3 Beta 3

I was listening to the Digital Planet podcast over the weekend and heard that the latest version of the Firefox browser is just about here and has some very cool new features. One that I was really impressed with is the way it looks at your browsing history. They said that if you had been looking at web sites for shoe sales, instead of trying to remember what the URL was, or searching through your history, it will remember which sites you visited that had ‘shoes’ or relevant terms in its text. Not having to remember URL’s is a very cool concept and context based access to your history without havig to go anywhere special is very cool.

Ever sinced Firefox brought out tabs, I’ve hardly ever used Internet Explorer except to test software and it looks like they have launched another first. I also like the ‘Open Source’ concept and all the extra plug ins that this allows you to lay your hands on. There are many more features, but I want to try them out for myself before I write about them.

Mozilla were probably planning on launching the new version for their 10th birthday and they just missed the boat, but hey, we all know that nothing worth waiting for in the IT industry arrives on time. Good things are worth waiting a little longer. Happy Birthday guys and many more. 10 years is a long time in this industry!


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