Where will you end up if you dig a hole straight down

I’ve always wondered about the answer to this question and we had a chat about this in the office this afternoon, so I thought I’d find out once and for all.

If you dig a hole straight down from where you are right now, where would you come out. I thought possibly France and I wasn’t too far out. I found a Google Tool which will work it out. From where I am sitting right now, if I was to dig straight down, not worrying about the logistics, I would actually end up i the South of Spain not far from the town of Ronda, which is about 1 1/2 hours drive from the coastal town of Malaga.

I won’t try doing it from my hometown in Bakkum aan Zee because I would end up somewhere in the Southern Ocean, and the water would rush through and who knows what the consequences could be?


7 thoughts on “Where will you end up if you dig a hole straight down

  1. Hey Luigi, From my home in Burnside Christchurch. If I start burrowing I pop out in a mountain range in Spain… Nice, I start this weekend the family has always wanted a trip to Spain.

  2. Hey Maurice, I hope you are a good swimmer:) I used to go to the pool in Beverwijk and rememberr having to swim in my clothes for 45 minutes. This might be a bit longer, or all our water could end up in Nederland lol

  3. funny, I would end up in the South Pacific, right behind New Zealand. The distance NZ is fromo AUS, is the same distance I’d have to paddle to see some land again 🙂

  4. I took the challenge with nothing exciting on the TV, I began the planning process required to drill a hole from my house and hopefully pop out some where exotic.

    How did I fair, as expected “Spain” turned out to be my destination. To be honest we would break through not far from Correlos, much to the surprise of the locals.

    I would most likely rip into a Haka to put them at ease and then buy a second hand donkey. I know who can a resist a man with a second hand ass.

    Whats stopping me, you guessed it, getting the building permission, the local council is bit iffy on residential drilling codes.

    Thanks for sending me on this journey of discovery.

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