The Trouble with Orcon

I note that many people are reading my blog about Orcon and the trouble I have had since I signed up, so I feel obliged to give you an update.

Things have improved to some degree, I frequently have days where my connection only drops out 1 or 2 times, but I am still experiencing dropouts, disconnections this week:

  • Saturday 16
  • Sunday 31
  • Monday 27

I also noted that people have found me when searching about the 2 for 1 movie tickets for a year that were promised as part of the connection deal. Well I signed up 4 months ago and still haven’t seen them. If they do arrive, I hope they will still be valid for 12 months and not the remainder of the year. But at this stage I’m not holding my breath on ever seeing them.

I don’t know if it is because of the interleaving, but our Caller ID doesn’t work on the phone about 50% of the time, which is annoying.

My wife wants me to go back to Telecom and thinks I’m an idiot for putting up with Orcon’s poor service. As a footnote, Orcon did come up with a $100 credit for my troubles. Funny thing is that a couple of weeks ago, even though my payment is made automatically by direct credit from my American Express Card, and I had the $100 credit, I got an email saying that my account was overdue and asking me to do something about it urgently. I was tempted to send one back saying that their service was overdue and could they give me a reliable connection urgently.

So, the bottom line? Still having plenty of disconnections, no 2 for 1 movie tickets as promised, intermittent caller id and no satisfaction. Should I be calling Fair Go?


5 thoughts on “The Trouble with Orcon

  1. So today I got my new Sky City Movies 2 for 1 pass from Orcon as promised. I was pleasantly surprised, given the previous experiences, I didn’t think I’d hear from them again.

    As to the service I’ve had 8 days in the last 3 weeks where it didn’t break down at all. Last night however the wireless router was playing up and killed me off in the poker tournament I had worked so hard to qualify for. One hand I had pocket Kings and bet 2/3 of my chips, by the time the modem reconnected instead of doubling or trebling up they were gone. $300 I won’t be seeing.

    I did have 2 bad days last week, one with 79 disconnections and the other with 362 and I still don’t have Caller ID, otherwise I would have to say it was pretty good.

  2. I have experienced problems with Orcon as well. Their customer service is miserable, they (as a company, the reps are nice enough) don’t seem to care at all.

  3. I don’t want to go on and on and on any further. I did finally receive a movie ticket that ends in July and they said they would send me a new one that runs until September. I’m not holding my breath, but they could surprise me.

    I have no caller ID, which is frustrating, but other than that, everything seems ok for now. I’ve even had a few days where it didn’t disconnect at all!

  4. It’s sort of nice to know I have compan. I’m getting fed up with calling them. The latest is that people ringing us get voicemail after 2 rings. Maybe if I got the movie card I’d be home less and wouldn’t notice as much!

  5. Someone else on Orcon went to FairGo about their Orcon experience but FairGo get so many complaints about Telco that they don’t report on them anymore 😦
    In my case I’ve got the 2 for 1 movie card but and don’t get frequent disconnects but my link is totally congested (to the point of unusability) from 6:30pm to 10pm for most of the last week and even when it works its never particularly stable and I’ve lost my voice service twice in 2 months. Occasionally people trying to call me get a number unavailable tone. Generally I have to call the helpdesk every week or so because Orcons product is so unreliable.

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