Car Parking – What Do You Like About Them

Later this year I will be presenting at the NZ Parking Association annual conference. They are looking for ideas out of left field and I have plenty of ideas. I was going to visit a pile of car parks and talk to the owners, usually when I speak to an industry group, I go and talk to their members. I do some by appointment and explain why I am there and I do some more discretely to get a feel for their business as a customer.

Of course like most of you, I visit car parks of all sorts all the time anyway. I have a strategy as to how I plan to come up with novel ideas for them, as well as research what is happening around the world. But for now, I would like to have a bit of feedback from you. Just to be a bit radical, how about sharing with me on this blog what you like about the places you park your cars. I’ll come back later and ask about what you don’t like, but I’d like to start with a bit of positivity.

So what do you like about the places you park your car or other motor vehicle? Please share those with me as a comment here.

If you don’t wish to leave a comment, how about helping with a poll?


4 thoughts on “Car Parking – What Do You Like About Them

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  2. Car parks should be well marked (especially exits) and if they are large, they should also have tall signposts marking out sections so you can find your car easily. I moved back to NZ from Australia a couple of years ago and find the parking spaces here very small. I have two cars in Australia that I would love to ship over to NZ (a late model Mercedes and a veteran Valiant) but the size of the parking spaces here are so small that if I could get one of these cars into a space, I doubt that I would be able to open the doors. The size of the car spaces here limits the size of the car I can drive.

  3. It may be my imagination – I don’t have scientific evidence – but I’ve found car parking spaces in New Zealand tend to be smaller than spaces in Australia. I think there may be laws or bylaws about the minimum width of spaces – at least in Sydney.

    Why do I say this? Because I’ve driven the same models of cars in both countries. In Australia it’s possible to open the doors on both sides without touching – or possible scratching – other cars. This isn’t always the case in Auckland.

    The same goes for the length of a car park – my current car is longer than average and in some parks the rear sticks out as much as 500mm – which can leave me feeling a little nervous.

  4. I like car parks that are well marked i.e. it’s easy to see which way to drive around and they aren’t all in bits and pieces. Parent’s with pram parks are great too as they are bigger for when you have to get the children out of the car safely (or nieces :P)

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