What’s in it for Me? Rewarding Check-ins

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If you like the idea of having your customers check-in, ask yourself, What’s in it for the customer? Offering a check-in deal will reward your loyal customers and potentially bring in new business.
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Bunchball Says Games Turn Twentysomethings Into Better Workers

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Bunchball has been touting the benefits of its gamification tools for years, and many of its recent efforts are focused on enterprise customers.
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Foursquare gets meatier with addition of 13M menu items

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Delivering on its promise to make the real world easier to use, location-sharing startup Foursquare has added the menus of nearly 250,000 U.S. restaurants to its service today.

The new menu feat…
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MyApartmentMap Mobile Apps Take Your House Hunting on the Go

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iOS/Android: Previously mentioned (and Hive Five favorite) apartment search site MyApartmentMap has changed a lot since we last looked at it, but this week the service launched mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices that let you browse…
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Music Marketing — A Location-Based Listening Experience | Street Fight

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As location-based marketing becomes increasingly popular, the variation of place-centric apps is also increasing, with niche players competing to provide targeted local ads and promotions.
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