Why Mobile CRM Apps Are Slow to Take Off

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Imho its not about the apps or the technology its because people are fundamentally mired in habit and are lazy. Focussing on working smarter rather than harder as per my book Unleashing The Road Warriors, requires focus on that 4-letter word Work. The irony is that people who do not make nest use of their mobile devices are doomed to be less efficient, lose valuable information and not just multi-task but often multi enter the same data whe they get back to the office.


Everybody knows mobile computing is on the rise. Why, then, have the smartphone versions of CRM apps been such slow sellers? Here are some important lessons to learn about all enterprise apps, cloud or otherwise.

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Top 6 Mobile Apps for the Fitness Junkie

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GPS definitely adds a dimension to fitness. I use Map My Walk, a derivative of Map My Run and it lets me track distance, pace and even elevation. I can save walks and share them. The one thing it doesn’t give me which I have asked them to put on the development list is the ability to see all the locations I have walked at the same time so I can plan walks I haven’t done before and continually walk new areas. I did that when I used to ocean kayak. I used a highlighter in a map book and every time I went out I would start out where I left off. This gave me the motivation to kayak the entire inner and outer greater Auckland coastline on the Waitemata side.


Trees are spouting leaves, flowers are sprouting where you would not ordinarily expect flowers, and the mornings and evenings are warm enough to get outdoors. Time to put on those running shoes, grab that bike or just go for a stroll.

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Tornado Prompts Norman Schools To Install GPS Radios

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This is something we don’t have to deal with in New Zealand, but it is an interesting step. Fleet Management in order to ensure vehicles are safe. Of course it would also be helpful then to have tornadoes GPS tagged:)


The Norman Public School District is taking steps to keep students safe during severe weather.

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French Election Results Live on Google Maps

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This is the way of now, not the future. Follow the elections from your tablet, mobile or other device. Many people still do not appreciate that location is one of the most significant aspects of what we do and the world we live in. It is all about location and if you can analyse what’s going on, more power to you.


From 8pm this evening (French time) you will be able to watch the results of the French presidential election live on a Google Map.

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Torontonians can now report graffiti via mobile apps, Mayor says “The war on graffiti has just begun” | MobileSyrup.com

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Councils have beebn building apps for their own internal use to combat graffiti for years, but surely crowd sourced is way better and its free. It also creates a better relationship between the public and councils. Software can verify the source, the location and compare results with other submissions as validation and where tagging is involved, use recognition to quickly build patterns understanding who is doing the tagging and build a profile on them in order to bring them to justic.


MobileSyrup is an independent resource on mobile technology in Canada – connecting to those who are mobile enthusiasts, professionals and shoppers. All content is Canadian – and written by Canadians.

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Startup Spotlight: Creator of Magic emerges at location-based gaming upstart BodSix

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I really like the statement after the question of what is the biggest mistake you have made so far. The answer was not getting into it sooner:)

“We develop free-to-play location-based social games for mobile phones and tablets.” (Startup Spotlight: Creator of Magic emerges at location-based gaming upstart …

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100 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Real Estate

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I don’t want 100 apps. How about just 1?:

In this special report, Inman News offers up ranked lists of popular real estate-related mobile apps, including mortgage and foreclosure apps, across several platforms — including those for designed for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices.

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