ChowNow Launches As A Food Ordering Platform For Restaurants On Facebook And iOS

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More and more companies seem to be hitting on the model of giving tablets or mobile devices to retailers to engage with customers. Not a bad way of pushing them gently, but they still have to want to move. Older established businesses in hospitality could be wondering what happened if they are not careful as young folk set up in business or take more control of their family business. Remember that the volume groups of people with the most mobility and money to spend are connected and tech savvy. Old school is great if you have a huge loyal following or large market in a big city, but if it’s a competitive market and times are tough, you need to look at what you need to change if you want to stay ahead, or even just stay in business. The good news is people have to eat and drink:)


There are plenty of companies and startups that want to disrupt the food ordering space including Seamless, GrubHub and others. A new competitor is entering the space today.

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