US: Hyundai launches All-New Blue Link Mobile Application | The …

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Now we’re talking, this is what the car of tomorrow is going to be like and a race is about to start for who has the most user friendly features. I’ve never owned a Hyundai and while I’m getting close to my next car, its not on my shopping list. But if a car like this appeared in my price range in New Zealand, I’d be going for a test drive at the very least to try out the features and they could well sway me. 


This is the car of the future, mobile apps and entertainment, telematics,remote start (I so miss having that from my old Code Alarm system in my Maxima) local Points of Interest fed live into my car nav. One day we won’t know how we survived without these apps. Today they are just out of reach on the horizon.


… horn & lights, lights-only and remote vehicle start (not available on all models); Search, save and send POIs to vehicles for in-car navigation; Innovative new features: car finder, parking meter/timer and vehicle diagnostics …

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