Google Maps Mania: YouTube Videos on Google Maps

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Comments about accuracy of YouTube locations from Google. Gowalla had a similar problem. When people are taking video, the location depicted is often not going to be the location where the video is actually taken. It needs to be very quick and easy from an app to be able to click on a map, or enter the name of the place the video represents, otherwise there is a real credibility app. I saw a number of classic problems like that, for example someone in the Nautilus Hotel in Orewa (Auckland) took a photo of the Waitakere ranges. The coordinates where Orewa, about an hour’s drive away. 


One of the important considerations is the technical ability and understanding of app users. All too often developers and people creating specifications forget that not everyone is geeky. In order for an app to go viral and have large numbers of users, it has to be incredibly simple and intuitive. A small number of people have said to me that they give apps under development to their parents or grandparents and ask them to use it. 


Location based apps need to be so simple that other than perhaps a 20 second in app tutorial, people should be able to use it without any instructions. The otehr question common from older people trying the apps is why you would want the app in the first place. It’s a bit like songwriting. Are you writing a song as a cathartic self indulgent process, or are you writing something specifically for a target audience.


Many inventions and apps start off that way with people solving their own problems. If they are common problems that frustrate other people, then there is potential for growth an revenue, but also remember that most people may not perceive there is a solution for the problem, so then marketing needs to be considered, but that’s a different topic:) ^Luigi

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