9 thoughts on “What is the best GPS to buy for New Zealand?

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  7. Good post.

    After trying numerous devices over 10 years, (from one of the first Navman to the free Smartphone ones), the one that works the best for me is the latest TomTom on the iPad.
    – It does not rely on connectivity (except subscription services such as traffic updates).
    – Big display works well without needing reading glasses
    – It has yet to let me down (unlike the Google maps when I got lost outside 3G coverage area or Nokia maps with taking ages to get the GPS fix)


    • Thanks for your comment. You really do want to have the maps on your device, downloaded and updated at home where the data is not as expensive. Google and Nokia do use inferior maps. GeoSmart is the only company in New Zealand constantly driving and updating their maps in their mapping room. TomTom recognises that and uses the best of breed in New Zealand, even though they own Tele Atlas, which is a global mapping company.

      I really like the big display of the iPad, although putting the mount away each time is a bit more work than if you were just using your iPhone mount.

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