Social Media, Location Based Services and Opinions

  1. I had more than one person say, who cares about Foursquare and check-ins, Twitter said you had coffee and Foursquare told people where you had coffee, so what? 75% of the people we polled didn’t have mobile friendly web pages but a similar amount had smartphones. I guess they spend most of their time on the phone wondering why they aren’t getting enough business, but that could put me in the realm of opinion.
  2. This guy has empirical proof that Twitter doesn’t work. He says no one reads the articles that are linked to from his tweets. Well if I hadn’t read that, I wouldn’t be quoting and linking to him.
  3. This was an interesting story that several corporate people delighted in sharing with me. They said social media marketing is so useless that even GM is pulling out of it. It obviously didn’t occur to them that the problem might have been with GM and their lack of integrated social media marketing strategies that was the problem.
    So what’s your opinion?

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