11 thoughts on “A Lesson in Innovation For the Taxi Industry from Uber

  1. Hello Luigi, Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your site and this post. You make some very informative points. I am looking forward to read more informative topic from this blog.Keep up the great work!

  2. cabchooze Taxi app still in beta stage has been designed on the philosophy ” customer is the king”. This app provides consumer with a choice. Rider can choose the price of journey from multiple bids received prior to hopping in the cab. So no more surprises or shocks even if you see taxi meter ticking each minute like a non stop pendulum. And that’s the foremost reason why the consumers loose temper on drivers- a pain being ‘taken for a ride’ instead of ‘giving a ride’. I feel that a known fare in advance can contribute tremendously in safety of Driver and passenger. Uber does make consumer aware on the fare, but cabchooze is the 1st Taxi app of its type in the world which gives consumer a choice to select from.

    • I Like it. Last time I used Air NZ Taxis, the driver missed my turn off on the motorway going home and had to drive an extra 15km. I wasn’t worried about the time and pleased that I had already paid my ‘agreed fare’. I knew his mistake wasn’t going to cost me any money.

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