Where will you end up if you dig a hole straight down

I’ve always wondered about the answer to this question and we had a chat about this in the office this afternoon, so I thought I’d find out once and for all.

If you dig a hole straight down from where you are right now, where would you come out. I thought possibly France and I wasn’t too far out. I found a Google Tool which will work it out. From where I am sitting right now, if I was to dig straight down, not worrying about the logistics, I would actually end up i the South of Spain not far from the town of Ronda, which is about 1 1/2 hours drive from the coastal town of Malaga.

I won’t try doing it from my hometown in Bakkum aan Zee because I would end up somewhere in the Southern Ocean, and the water would rush through and who knows what the consequences could be?

What happens when there are no more whales?

I was just listening to a podcast about singer/songwriter Bob Fox and he was singing some whaling songs of old about the ships, the whalers and how it was in some ways more fair when men risked their lives on sailing ships and throwing harpoons by hand. Whales were one of the reasons people came to New Zealand back in the 17 and 1800’s.

Anyway, this isn’t going to be a long post. It just got me thinking about the ecosystem and how whales are part of the foodchain. I started wondering, not just about the whales as majestic mammals and how they should be left in peace, but what happens to the foodchain when the Japanese and others finally demolish them as a species and they can no longer propogate. Besides the tragic loss, could this be another element of man made Earth destruction that will add to our potential demise?

That gets me thinking of another thing which I won’t go into case I have things to do, but in 100,000 years, will aliens come to earth and find artifacts of an intelligent life form that somehow managed to make themselves extinct? Will the science fiction stories of human descendants come true with people coming back one day to find out what went wrong on earth and why there are no longer any humans living here?