Where will you end up if you dig a hole straight down

I’ve always wondered about the answer to this question and we had a chat about this in the office this afternoon, so I thought I’d find out once and for all.

If you dig a hole straight down from where you are right now, where would you come out. I thought possibly France and I wasn’t too far out. I found a Google Tool which will work it out. From where I am sitting right now, if I was to dig straight down, not worrying about the logistics, I would actually end up i the South of Spain not far from the town of Ronda, which is about 1 1/2 hours drive from the coastal town of Malaga.

I won’t try doing it from my hometown in Bakkum aan Zee because I would end up somewhere in the Southern Ocean, and the water would rush through and who knows what the consequences could be?